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Basketball rack installation

This basketball stand is installed in a middle school sports basketball stadium in Hunan Province. It needs 4 people to install this basketball stand.

The high-end luxury electric hydraulic mobile basketball stand is a set of electric controlled hydraulic lifting system which is located in the bottom box of the basketball stand. Through remote control operation, the standard height set by the basketball stand can be raised or lowered and the need of walking can be completed. It is called the electric hydraulic basketball stand.


Specification: base size: 2.2M, 1.2m, arm extension: 3.25m.

Features: the lifting and lowering of the basketball stand is a combination of electric and remote control wheel lifting, which is convenient, flexible and durable.

Materials: the backboard is made of high-strength safety plexiglass, which has the advantages of strong impact resistance, high transparency, strong durability, flatness and safety.


Basketball stands


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