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Installation method and precautions of electric hydraulic basketball rack

  Electro-hydraulic basketball rack, using hydraulic lifting, easy to retract and save effort, easy to operate, light and portable, the whole structural parts are made of thick steel pipes and steel plates, the welding uses carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, high welding strength, beautiful bead; surface shot blasting Electrostatic powder spraying process after rust, using the Forbidden City UV-proof outdoor powder, has good durability and lasts as long as new.

Installation method and precautions of electric hydraulic basketball rack

    【installation steps

1. Place the basketball rack box on the center line of the court 1 meter away from the end line of the court, and connect the lower end of the column assembly with the base with 8 hexagon bolts, spring pads and enlarged flat pads.

2. Tilt the upright and the base forward at a certain angle, put the outrigger on the upper end of the upright, and connect the upright and outrigger with tile.

Electric hydraulic basketball stand

3. After connecting the rear pull rod and the connecting pipe with adjusting bolts, the upper end is connected with the shaft at the rear end of the outrigger by using a bolt; finally, the other end of the rear pull rod is connected with the ear of the box with a screw.

4. Connect the backboard ears to the backboard with countersunk bolts, then the two will lift the backboard, first connect the hoop, backboard to the outrigger with bolts, spring pads, flat pads, and then use the backboard adjustment bolt to connect the upper lever The backboard ears are tightly connected; finally, the connected end of the upper rod is placed under the fixed pressure plate, and the hexagon head bolts are screwed on.

5. Put the basketball stand upright, open the base cover, put the weight (or stone) into the base, then cover the cover, tighten all the bolts and nuts of the basketball stand, and install the basketball stand.

6. Put the sheath of the basket on the base and the post, and assemble the buckle firmly.


1, Parallelism of the lower edge of the rebound

Loosen the connecting bolts of the basket ring assembly and the outriggers to level the backboard. At the same time, level the basket ring and tighten it. Then adjust the adjusting bolt of the rear lever until the vertical height of the upper edge of the ring ring to the ground plane is 3050mm.

2, rebounding verticality

垂直 Adjustment of the perpendicularity between the backboard and the court plane: Loosen the connecting bolts between the upper pole and the backboard ears, adjust the backboard adjustment bolt at the upper end of the upper rod until the plane of the backboard is perpendicular to the court, then tighten the bolts.

  【Use items】

Box-type basketball rack must add 400 配 in a single box. It is forbidden to hang baskets, climbing frames and hanging extra heavy objects. Regularly check the tightness of the connection of various parts of the basketball rack. If it is found loose, it should be tightened or replaced with a new one immediately. Basketball racks with rollers should be stowed when in use. Be careful not to get injured by hands or feet when stowed. If the basketball rack needs cleaning, use a neutral cleaning agent to prevent damage to the protective plastic layer.

  【Transportation and Storage】

The storage place should be ventilated, dry and moisture-proof.

Handling should be handled gently, transportation should avoid bumps and rain.


1. Check the connection twice a year for the degree of corrosion and firmness of the welded parts. If abnormalities such as looseness and rust are found, repair and anticorrosive treatment should be performed in time.

2. The surface of the ball rack should be cleaned with a neutral detergent to avoid damaging the surface of the ball rack plastic powder.


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