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Maintenance and maintenance of table tennis tables?

We buy a table tennis table that has been in use for a long time, and we need to do some maintenance and upkeep. This can prolong the service life of the table tennis table and make him more beautiful. The following is the method of maintenance and maintenance, everyone can look at:

1. Do not put hot water cups, hot bowls and other high-temperature things on the table tennis table to prevent damage to the surface paint film. The table surface of the table tennis table should not allow hard objects to impact and scratch, so as not to leave marks and affect aesthetics.

2. Before moving the ping-pong table, please check whether the caster brake of the table caster is released, otherwise the caster may be damaged by pulling it hard.

3. Before the table tennis table is switched from the flat state to the vertical state, you must first adjust the position of the bumper under the table to the correct position according to the instructions, otherwise the safety device will be damaged.

4. If you see a layer of floating ash on the table tennis table, you can use chicken feathers to remove it. The stains attached to the table should be wiped gently with a wrung wet cloth. Do not wash with water, let alone use any cleaning. Scrub and clean with detergent; do not leave it on the painted surface of the table for a long time after wiping with a wet cloth. When the table tennis table has stubborn stains, you can gently wipe the table with a towel and a little neutral soapy water.

5. Prevent heavy objects and sharp objects from colliding, abrasing, and crushing the table.

6. It is forbidden to sit or place on the table and roll heavy objects.

7. When re-used for a long time, wipe the dust on the countertop with a soft cloth to keep the countertop clean.

8. If it is used for other purposes, it is better to spread a table cloth (soft cloth) or glass plate on the table.

9. When the ping-pong table is not in use, the table can be folded and placed against the wall.


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