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Working principle and installation method of hydraulic basketball stand

  Recently, many customers have inquired about the installation method of the hydraulic basketball rack. Before introducing the installation method, then the Chinese manufacturer Cangzhou Haoran Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. first talks about the working principle of the hydraulic basketball rack.
  As the name implies, a hydraulic basketball hoop has a hydraulic system in the bottom box of the basketball hoop; the hydraulic hoop can be controlled by this hydraulic system.
  Hydraulic basketball hoop is divided into electric hydraulic basketball hoop and manual hydraulic basketball hoop; what is the difference between them?
  The electric hydraulic basketball hoop controls the hydraulic system through the remote control to realize the lifting and moving functions of the basketball hoop.
  The manual hydraulic basketball hoop uses the hydraulic control rod to control the hydraulic system to realize the lifting of the basketball hoop; the manual hydraulic basketball hoop does not have the hydraulic control movement function!

Hydraulic basketball hoop

  And the hydraulic system in the manual hydraulic basketball hoop is just a simple hydraulic system. We all know the "four or two dials", this is also the working principle of the hydraulic basketball hoop! The full   name of the hydraulic system in the electro-hydraulic basketball rack floor box should be called a microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic system, because it is more sophisticated and complex, so this is why the price of electro-hydraulic basketball racks is much higher than manual hydraulic basketball racks. !
  The installation method of the manual hydraulic basketball hoop is basically the same as that of the electric hydraulic basketball hoop. It is also an assembly process. The difference is that after the assembly is completed, the test can be realized manually without power.
  Because all the high-end hydraulic basketball racks are carefully debugged before leaving the factory, and they will be sent to our installation site with complete functions, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the basketball racks.
  In the installation of the hydraulic basketball rack, we must pay attention to one point: after we install and fix the bottom box, the column and the rear brace, we must first put the counterweight, and then install the basketball arm's outrigger, backboard, basket and Put on the hydraulic rod; avoid unnecessary accidents because of "top-heavy", after all, our hydraulic basketball rack is also a relatively expensive item!
Finally, when most of the manual hydraulic basketball racks are commissioned after the new installation, they will appear to be able to control the rise, but the control of the fall does not respond! Here we answer, this is a normal phenomenon. With the use time and frequency of our basketball racks, this problem will gradually disappear; and the solution to this problem is also very simple. We go up and "help" it for ourselves, that is, use Pull the arm of the basketball stand, and the basketball stand will slowly fold!
If you have other questions later, you can contact us at any time. After all, we are a company that specializes in the production of basketball racks and fitness paths and has its own research and development team! How much do you know about the working principle and installation method of hydraulic basketball hoop?‍


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