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How do dumbbells work out?

  Recently, many clients have inquired about how to exercise the dumbbells. This article from Cangzhou Haoran Sports Equipment Co., LTD, a Chinese manufacturer, discusses this topic, hoping to help those in need.


  1. A simple but effective exercise to develop the deltoid muscles of the shoulders. Here's the key: Stand with your feet slightly apart and your back straight.

Made in China-dumbbell manufacturer

2.Hold the dumbbells with both arms perpendicular to your body, and lift them sideways until they are shoulder-width apart.

Made in China-dumbbell manufacturer

3.To exercise the deltoid and trapetus muscles, sit on a bench with your palms facing forward and lift the dumbbells to your shoulders.

Made in China-dumbbell manufacturer

4.Exercise the lower body muscle group, the points are as follows: feet slightly apart standing, back straight, arms and hands holding dumbbells perpendicular to the body, knees slowly squat down to the thigh and then slowly push back.

Made in China-dumbbell manufacturer


Made in China-dumbbell manufacturer


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