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7 most commonly used dumbbell exercises to practice big muscles at home?

  Dumbbells are a must-have artifact for our home fitness. A pair of dumbbells can basically practice every muscle group of your body, and the training effect is also very good. Today, everyone will recommend the 7 most commonly used dumbbell exercises. Can train your biceps, back, legs, chest and other muscle groups. You can practice at home from time to time.

The following actions recommended by China Cangzhou Haoran Sports Equipment Co., Ltd., if possible, can be trained every other day, doing 8-12 times for each action, doing 2 sets, you can quickly practice the muscle groups of various parts.

7 most commonly used dumbbell exercises to practice big muscles at home?

  1. Dumbbell curl at both ends (arm training)

Standing, holding a dumbbell to do the curling movement, the upper arm of the hand is fixed, feel the stretch of the muscle, and stay for 1 second when the peak is curled. After about 2 groups, you can feel the congestion of the arm.

  2. Row over dumbbells (practice back)

Lean over, keep your back straight, butt your hips backwards. Hold the dumbbell, do the rowing posture, use the strength of the back to drive the arm, and draw up the curve, which is similar to the feeling of inserting the hand into the pocket casually when leaning.

  3. Dumbbell squats (leg training)

Everyone is more familiar with squats. Dumbbell squats add more weight and put more pressure on the legs.

  4. Dumbbell bench press (chest training)

The weight of the chest will be relatively large, and the weight of the dumbbell can be a little heavier, 20 kg or higher. Each press should feel the power of the pectoral muscles.

  5. Dumbbell bird (chest training)

You can train the chestnut of the chest muscles to make your chest shape look better. The weight of the bird is lighter than the bench press.

  6. Side lift (shoulder training)

The weight of the dumbbell lifted sideways is not recommended to be too heavy. All shoulder exercises should not be too heavy.

  7. Standing dumbbell press (shoulder training)

Pressing on your shoulders will make you feel sore shoulders. If your shoulders are bigger, you can prop up your clothes and make the man look stronger.

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