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Dumbbell full body training plan workout menu

  Today, China Cangzhou Haoran Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a training menu for everyone. The content is focused on whole body training with dumbbells. It is also scattered throughout the three days of the week. No repetition of movements, effects and training methods are quite suitable for the needs of this reader!

Dumbbell full body training plan workout menu

  Menu introduction

Training purposeGain muscle
Training typeSystemic
Training levelBeginner
Training times3 times a week
Training equipmentFreehand, dumbbell

  Menu description

  This menu is for people who like to exercise at home but only have simple equipment such as dumbbells, or if you find that the equipment is not enough in the gym, you can also use dumbbells as an alternative.

  As long as you properly use dumbbell training, you will find such simple equipment, which will be your most reliable partner for laying the foundation and increasing muscle mass. 

  But before that you must also notice:

  1. The training time is one to three weeks a week. It is recommended to take a rest the next day, because the training scope covers the whole body, which means that you have only one rest day. To ensure that your physical condition is maintained optimally, you should also have adequate rest with adequate training.

  2. Since the number of training days for the menu design is not many, so don't waste your training for each group! If the following recommended number of groups, you can maintain high-quality training in each group, set the number of times for you Dish, then remember to add some weight for the next training.

  3. If you have a need for fat reduction, it is recommended that you separate related training and retraining, such as morning or afternoon (evening). The time interval between the two is a little larger, so that the body can be repaired. Or you can do some simple aerobic exercise after 10 minutes of retraining.


actionNumber of groupsNumber of iterations
Dumbbell squat36-12
Dumbbell bench press36-12
Dumbbell One-Handed Rowing36-12
Standing posture two-head curl36-12
Sitting with three heads stretched36-12

  Note 1: Squat can be squat with a tall cup. It can avoid the situation that the bar is too large and the dumbbells are easy to get stuck on the sides. In addition, it can prevent the body from leaning forward and maintain the spine neutrality.

  Note 2: There are many variations of dumbbell bench presses. There are one-hand, two-hand, and two-hand turns. The training effect is about the same, but some movements can strengthen the weak side muscles. Refer to 3 types of bench press changes.


actionNumber of groupsNumber of iterations
Step up with dumbbells36-12
Dumbbell straight knee lift36-12
Dumbbell sitting up36-12
Dumbbell Lift310-20
Dumbbell shrug310-15
Dumbbell sideways310-15

  Note: It is not advisable to use bench press chairs for climbing. It is recommended to find large staircases, plastic stairs dedicated to aerobic stairs, or stable wooden boxes with a height of about 30-60 cm for safety.


actionNumber of groupsNumber of iterations
Dumbbell lunge36-12
Dumbbell bench press36-12
Dumbbell flexing rowing36-12
Dumbbell curls36-12
Dumbbell Three-Head Stretch36-12
Lift your belly310-25

Note: The biggest point of floor bench press is that the trunk is close to the ground, only the chest and hands can move, but because there are not many active joints, the body cannot become a stable platform. Be careful to handle yourself by weight to prevent yourself .

Dumbbell full body training plan workout menu

Using dumbbells for whole-body training, the more troublesome thing is to "always change the weight." Sparte will recommend everyone to use a combination dumbbell. The space it takes up is small, and the weight can be easily changed. The price is more acceptable. get more!

In addition, the training sequence of movements can also be arranged in accordance with the assembly and disassembly of dumbbells. That is, start with multi-joint movements. Generally speaking, the more joints and muscle groups involved, the more weight you can get.

Then, as the proportion of whole body participation decreases, the weight can also be slowly disassembled, so that you don't have to change the bars all the time, so that you waste too much time.


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