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Classification of basketball racks made in China

  1. Electric hydraulic basketball stand

Electric hydraulic basketball stand

Hydraulic basketball rack is a set of hydraulic lifting system in the bottom box of the basketball rack, which can complete the standard height setting of the basketball rack, as well as the need for walking and walking. It is called a hydraulic basketball rack. It is the latest product developed according to the FIBA standard. Specifications: Base size 2.2 meters and 1.2 meters, wingspan: 3.25m Features: The basketball rack is integrated with manual, electric, remote control wheels, convenient, flexible and durable.

Material: The backboard is processed with high-strength safety plexiglass / tempered glass as the material, which has the advantages of strong impact resistance, high transparency, strong durability, flatness and safety.

  2, one-arm mobile basketball stand

one-arm mobile basketball stand

Specifications of basketball stand

The main pole of the basketball frame: the diameter of the high-quality square steel pipe is 150mm (the diameter of the main pole of the international standard mobile artillery basketball frame is 75mm).

底 The mobile bottom box of the basketball rack: made of high-quality steel plate, the size is: 30cm (height) * 100cm (width) * 180cm (length), the mobile bottom box contains a load to ensure stability during use.

的 The tie rod between the main pole and the backboard of the basketball frame: two high-quality circular steel pipes and the main pole form three triangles to ensure the stability of the rebound.

的 The tie rod between the main pole and the base of the basketball frame: two high-quality circular steel pipes form three triangular shapes with the main pole to ensure the stability of the entire basketball frame.

Basket ring: Made of high-quality Yuan steel to international standards, inner diameter 450mm.

The height of the basketball frame: the standard height of the basketball ring to the ground is 3.05 meters. The color of the basketball frame: green, can also be customized according to user requirements.

 One-arm mobile basketball rack purchase customers include: large, medium and small enterprises, institutions, government departments, the military, colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, communities, entertainment venues, street basketball games and so on.

Use place: both outdoor and indoor.

  3. Fixed single arm basketball stand

Fixed single arm basketball stand

Size: National standard arm length: 2.25 meters height: 3.05 meters

Material: buried, diameter: 18 × 18cm, arm thickness 5mm: square tube. Outrigger 1.8m / 2.25m Surface treatment: Spraying Basic configuration: three pivots, FRP basketball board \ spring hoop. Note: Can be replaced with tempered glass basketball board at will.

优点 Fixed single arm basketball stand advantages:

①Safety and explosion-proof tempered glass backboard

The backboard is made of high-strength tempered glass material, and the periphery is an aluminum alloy frame (rugged and durable). Specifications 180 * 105cm. It has the characteristics of high transparency, strong impact resistance, beautiful appearance, good safety protection performance and so on.

② Safe and stable basketball stand

The basketball frame is welded from high-hardness seamless steel with an arm length of 2.25m., Which can avoid human inertial collision in a limited distance. The embedded parts are 60 * 60 * 100cm concrete solidified, which has good stability. The surface adopts electrostatic spraying process, which has the advantages of anti-rust, oxidation resistance, no varnishing, and no fading. In addition, it is equipped with high-elasticity senior basketball hoop, suitable for various professional basketball games.

  4, Haiyan square tube basketball stand

Haiyan square tube basketball stand

Rebound: FRP backboard, length 1800mm, width 1050mm, can be equipped with high-quality tempered glass backboard.

The upright post is welded by high-quality square tube. The square tube size is 150 * 150mm and the wall thickness is 3mm, which is the industry standard.

Strongly recommend this two-way basketball stand for school.

  5. Mobile box basketball stand

The box body of the mobile box basketball rack is made of 2-3mm steel plate forged and spliced by equipment; the column is made of 130 × 130mm high quality square tube with 1.8m outrigger; the hoop is 3.05m from the ground and the bottom edge of the backboard is 2.9m from the ground The rear tie rod is made of 4 × 4cm thick-walled high-quality round pipe to make a ladder shape; four fixed tie rods, the pulling force is stable; the tie rod is digitally bent to enhance the stability; box seat specifications: 180 × 100cm; appearance: plastic sprayed.

The standard diameter of basketball is 24.6cm. The basketball hoop is made of solid iron. The diameter of the inner edge is at least 45 cm and the maximum is 45.7 cm. Basketball Nets-Should be white and hung on the ring, the purpose is to make the ball slightly resisted after entering the basket. The net should have twelve meshes for hanging on the ring. The shortest length is 40 cm. The length must not exceed 45 cm.

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