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What are the specifications of a standard table tennis table?

The standard size of the table tennis table is: Table tennis table size: 2740 × 1525mm Table tennis table height: 760mm Table tennis table net width 1.83 meters,

Table tennis table net is 0.1525 meters high:

Table tennis venues: 1/73 of a football field and 1/7 of a tennis court. A 75cm high baffle is used to grow a rectangle of 14m and a width of 7m. The light (brightness must reach 1000 lux) is 5m above the ground.

So the above is standard

What are the specifications of a standard table tennis table?

1. The table surface of the table tennis billiard table is also called the playing surface. It is rectangular, 2.74m long and 1.525m wide. The horizontal height from the ground is 0.76m. The thickness of the competitive table is usually 18 ~ 30mm.

2. The table tennis table should have a white line with a width of 2 cm along the four sides of the table. Each court should be equally divided by a white center line with a width of 3 mm parallel to the side line. This center line should be regarded as each right half court. Area.

3. There are currently three types of ping-pong tables: non-rolling ping-pong tables, that is, there are no wheels at the bottom of the chassis; rolling-type, single-folding ping-pong tables; rolling-type, overall folding-type ping-pong tables.

4. What are the requirements for table tennis tables for international competitions? The table must be approved by the ITTF and can only be blue or green.

5: The following parameters of the table tennis table are the focus of the ITTF test: 1) Length: 2740mm width: 1525mm height: 760mm 2) Elasticity: release the table tennis from 300mm away from the table, and the rebound height is 230 ~ 260mm <0.6.


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