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Technical tips for using discus in track and field sports equipment?

In the official competition, the weight of the discus is two kilograms for men and one kilogram for women. Inner ring diameter is 2.5

0 meters, the effective area angle is 34.92 degrees.

The technical actions of discus throwing are divided into four technical links: gripping, preparing posture and pre-swing, rotation, last force and maintaining body balance.

The five fingers are naturally separated, the thumb and the palm are flat against the discus, the last knuckles of the remaining four fingers buckle the discus edge, the center of gravity of the discus is between the index and middle fingers, the wrist is slightly flexed, the upper edge of the discus is resting on the forearm, and the pancake arm Droops naturally to the body.

Preparing posture: In the direction of throwing, stand with your feet about one and a half shoulders, and stand on both sides of the throwing center line at the back of the circle. Stand with your feet in parallel or with your left foot later, the cake-holding arm naturally hangs down to the side of the body, with your eyes looking straight ahead.

Pre-swing is to obtain pre-speed and create favorable conditions for rotation. There are two common types of previews.

Technical tips for using discus in track and field sports equipment?

Top left and right back pancake method: At the beginning, the pancake arm naturally swings back and forth on the body side. When the discus is placed behind the body, the weight is close to the right leg, and then the torso is used to drive the pancake arm to the upper left. In the upper left, the left hand is on the cake, the weight is close to the left leg, and the upper body is turned slightly to the left. When swinging back, the torso drives the pancake arm to place the discus to the right rear of the body, the body is tightened to the right, the weight is on the right leg, the upper body is slightly forward, the left arm naturally bends slightly to the chest, the eyes are flat, and the head is on. The body turns.

The method of swinging the body forward and backward: At the beginning, the arm holding the cake naturally swings back and forth on the side of the body. When the discus swings to the left of the body, the palm gradually turns upwards, the right shoulder leans forward slightly, and the weight is close to the left leg. When the discus swings back to the body, the palm gradually turns downward, the weight moves from left to right, and the upper body is fully rotated to the right and rear, so that the body is twisted and tightened. This method has a relaxed movement and a large amplitude. Most good players use this kind of pre-swing.

After the pre-swing, the flexed right leg is kicked to the ground, the upper body is turned to the left, and the left knee is abducted, and the weight is moved from the right leg to the left leg that is turned sideways. Then both legs turned actively and turned with the front of the left foot as the axial throwing direction, the body leaned towards the throwing direction, and the throwing arm relaxed and pulled the discus behind. When the left knee, left shoulder, and head are about to turn to the throwing direction, the right knee naturally bends, using the thigh to force the entire leg to turn around the left leg in the throwing direction (the right foot cannot be too high off the ground), and the left hip is lower than the right Hip, the body rotates with a single leg on the left side, and then pushes the body toward the center of the throwing circle with the force of the left pedal, and the right leg and the right hip continue to buckle. When the left foot is off the ground, the right leg drives the right hip to turn quickly and press down, the left leg flexes its knees and moves closer to the right leg, the left shoulder is buckled inward, and the upper body is retracted slightly forward. Then, the left foot swayed actively and landed on the inner side of the soles of the feet. It fell to the left of the center line of the throwing circle. Later on the front of the circle, the body was twisted and tightened to the maximum extent. Slightly bend to the chest and prepare for the last exertion.

At last

When the left foot touched the ground, the right foot continued to pedal, so that the right hip was actively turned toward the throwing direction and forwarded. Then, the head turned in the direction of throwing, the left arm was slightly bent to the chest, the chest began to push forward, and the weight gradually moved to the left leg. When the weight moved to the left leg, the right leg continued to stretch and push hard, swinging the cake forward with a burst of rapid force. At the same time, the left leg kicked and stretched quickly and the left shoulder was braked to become the left side support, so that the right side of the body quickly turned forward, concentrating the whole body's strength on the discus. , Use your little finger to forefinger to turn the cake in order to make the discus turn clockwise to fly forward.

After discus throwing, you should exchange your legs in time, turning your body to the left of inertia, while lowering your center of gravity and maintaining your balance.


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