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How to install a standard basketball stand?

Basketball rack installation instructions: The size of the basketball court is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide. It is a rectangular solid plane without obstacles. The buffer zone should be considered during the construction of the site. In principle, the FIBA stipulates that the end line area is reserved for 2m and the side line is reserved for 1m.

Mobile basketball rack installation

 First, connect the column and the base screw, the four screws are not tightened temporarily;

 Second, connect the pull-down bar "40 * 60 square tube" and the base. One end of the front and back dental bar is facing down to adjust the height of the ball rack;

 Third, connect the ball circle, under the ball plate, the front end of the column outrigger, the three things in one. Just connect them with a screw;

 Fourth, the upper arm of the ball frame extension arm is connected to the upper part of the ball plate, and the countersunk head screw on the upper part of the ball plate is flush with the surface of the ball plate when tightening;

 Fifth, open the back cover of the base of the ball frame, and install the flat stone or prefabricated stone "weight not less than 200 kg";

 6. Adjust the height and balance of each part of the basketball rack, fasten the connecting screw of each part, and complete the installation.

 Underground basketball rack installation

 I. Excavation requirements: length 70cm * width 70cm * depth 80cm; concrete shall be filled after the basketball rack is installed;

 Second, the edge of the basketball frame is 60cm away from the end line of the basketball court;

 3. The three points of the backboard, basketball frame and rim are fixed with four M12 * 60 screws. The fulcrum of the tempered glass backboard must be installed to ensure that the backboard is evenly stressed, so as not to cause the rebound to rupture due to uneven force;

4. After installing the basketball stand columns, install the backboard after the concrete is numbered to the strongest state (about 4 days).

After the basketball rack is placed in the pit and the position is determined, the inside of the pit is filled with concrete. It must not be used for three days. The rebounder generally has 2-4 connecting rods. These connecting rods are mainly used to adjust the angle of the rebound and stabilize the rebound. For the special installation position of some basketball racks, such as the roof of a building or the roof of a garage, we can also use embedded bolts to bury the flange in a pit and fill it, and then connect the embedded parts at the bottom of the basketball rack. .


How to install a standard basketball stand?


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