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Practice of artificial turf football fields?

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Practice of artificial turf football fields?

In recent years, with the popularity of football and people's requirements for the sports environment, the artificial turf football field has gradually become an important place for football. So, how is the artificial garrier football field made? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone.

1. Preparation

First, to determine the size and terrain of the football field, and measure and plan it. Then, according to the situation of the venue, select the appropriate artificial turf model and specifications, and prepare the required materials and tools according to the design requirements.

Basic processing

Before laying artificial turf, the foundation needs to be processed. Generally speaking, the foundation should have a certain strength and stability, and it should be flat, smooth, and no debris. If the foundation is uneven or there are debris, it is necessary to clean up and peaceful treatment.

Third, laying artificial turf

According to the design requirements, laying artificial grass leather on the basis. In the process of laying, pay attention to the stitching and arrangement of garries to ensure that the connection between each piece of turf is tight and neat. At the same time, pay attention to the thickness and elasticity of the turf to ensure that the athletes exercise safely on the venue.

Fourth, fixed artificial garries

In order to ensure the stability and durability of the artificial garries during exercise, the garries need to be fixed. Generally speaking, it can be fixed by applying glue on the back of the turf. During the fixed process, be careful not to destroy the structure and appearance of the garries.

5. Maintenance and management

The artificial turf football field needs to be regularly maintained and managed during use. For example, trim the grass skin, remove garbage, and keep the venue clean and tidy. At the same time, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections and maintenance of artificial turf to ensure that its structure and appearance are intact.

In short, the production of the artificial garries football field requires multiple steps and links, and each link needs to be carried out carefully and detailed. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to maintenance and management during use to ensure its long -term use effects and quality.


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