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Three-person waist twister

Outdoor fitness equipment made in China-three-person waist twister manufacturer, to provide you with the most favorable outdoor fitness equipment prices, best quality.

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  Outdoor fitness equipment - three-person waist twister

  Model: SM - 003

  Specification: 1500 mm * 1500 mm * 1100 mm

  Raw materials: galvanized steel pipe and stainless steel screws

  Pipe diameter: Main D114mm * 3mm

  Surface treatment: non-slip treatment, electrostatic spraying

  Exercise site: move joints, relax lower back muscles, enhance flexibility and flexibility of the waist.

  Installations:  We have 2 kinds of installations for this item: Under-ground Installation and Above-ground Installation. Which one you like, it depends on you.
(1)         Under-ground Installation
Outdoor fitness equipment three person waist twister
1.1    Dig a hole according to the drawing, size: 500*500*500mm
1.2    Pour the mixed concrete into the hole until 70mm below ground in order to leave enough space for installation and maintenance.
1.3    Place the embedment parts upside down into the center of the concrete with the edge of the flange plate at the same horizontal level as the safety  surface.   
1.4    Install the equipment by connecting the main frame flange plate and the embedment flange plate by 4 pairs of M20 stainless blots and  stainless screws  and stainless washers.
1.5    Pave safety surface.
1.6    Install the base cover.
1.7    Let the concrete solidification for at least 7 days and then we can use it.
(2)    Above –ground Installation
Outdoor fitness equipment three person waist twister
1.1 Dig a hole with the size 100*100*500mm
1.2 Pour the mixed concrete into the hole until to the ground level.
1.3 Put the M12 screw into the middle of the hole and then fix
1.4 Pave the safety surface.
1.5 Let the concrete solidification for at least 7 days and then we can use it.

(1)Do you have R&D department please?
Yes, all the staff in the department are with more than 5 years experience. For all the OEM and ODM customers, we offer free design service if need.
(2)What is the after sale service please?
Reply within 24 hours, 12 months warranty, and service time up to 10 years.
(3)What is the lead time please?
Usually it is 7-10 days for samples, 20-30 days for mass production and this vary with seasons.
(4)Can you arrange the shipment for us please?
Yes, by sea, by air or by express, we have professional sales and shipment team to offer the best and prompt service.
(5)Could you print our logo please?
Yes, it is free if the order quantity is up to MOQ.
(6)What is your trade terms ?
Term of price: FOB, CIF, EXW.
Term of payment: 30% deposit in advance, balance by T/T before shipment
(7)What is the package?
LDK Safe Neutral 4 layer package, 2 layer EPE, 2 layer weaving sacks, or cartoon and wooden cartoon for special products.


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